Thursday, June 02, 2005

"That looks so much more professional!"

The company WhiteSmoke provides a piece of writing software that will "upgrade your writing" so that you can "write better right now." flash demo. Using what appears to be a built-in thesaurus and a context-based word suggester. Gone are the days when one might write the uninspired sentence "My car got a flat tire." Based on the demo I've seen, WhiteSmoke might suggest that I change "flat" to "punctured" and add such verbs as "old" or "new" before car. It might even suggest I change "got" to "acquired" or "gained." So, my "My car got a flat tire" might be upgraded to "My old car acquired a punctured tire."

Write better right now.

Thanks to Nick Carbone for posting the flash demo to WPA-L.

Addition: Will Banks has written to the list to note that the sample text in WhiteSmoke's flash demo has "a comma splice before their conjunctive adverb in both the 'rough' copy and the 'upgraded' one. Too sweet.

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