Sunday, October 30, 2005

The flaming jack-o-lantern, part 2

Much fun was had at the fire last night, and it wasn't nearly as crowded on my patio as I thought it might be as 1/3 of those invited didn't show up, which is rare for one of our hot dog and marshmallow roasts.

Any way, inspired by, I did soak the roll of toilet paper in lamp fuel for about 20 hours, and the flaming jack-o-lantern, which was really a jack-o-torch, was impressive. As promised, here are pictures.

This first one was taken using a flash: . That's my garage in the background, and to give you an idea of the size of the pumpkin and flames, each paving stone is 18 inches square and the walkway is 45 inches across.

Here are a couple of pictures taken without the flash:

And here are some pictures of the aftermath:

First, the view from the outside:

and a close up of the inside

You can see the whole set of jack-o-torch pictures.

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