Friday, October 07, 2005

Of wikis and email: Resources for teachers and students

For Teachers New to Wikis, brought to you by Joe Moxley, MC Morgan, Matt Barton, Donna Hanak
For Teachers New to Wikis provides evolving information on how to incorporate wikis into your classroom. Whether you are a first-time or frequent user of wikis, we invite you to contribute ideas, information, and insights regarding wikis and their value as a collaborative, public writing tool. To contribute, simply select edit, insert your additions or revisions, and then, if you wish, add your name to the Contributors list.

via Rich Rice

How to e-mail a professor, brought to you by Michael Leddy at Orange Crate Art. As with Dr. B., Steven Krause, and Brendan Riley, I think much of the advice is solid and worth sharing with students.

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