Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mind Hacks: Essential Sites for Students

Explorations of memory have, not surprisingly, required forays into cognitive science, which in turn have led me to cognitive linguistics and cognitive poetics. This interest in the cognitive is also bolstered by my Ongian work*. So, I've found of some interest Mind Hacks' Essential Sties for Students. I particularly like The Cognitive Science Millennium Project's list of the one hundred most influential works in cognitive science from the 20th century. The list is, I'm sure, problematic in all the ways such lists are, but it is also telling.

*On occasion, when I mention cognition and Ong, someone will get a bit dismissive and say something like "Ong was just a literary critic," which, I should note, isn't true. While he was not trained as a cognitive scientist, he long held a dual appointment in medical school's Department of Psychiatry where his official position was as Professor of Humanities in Psychiatry.

via Lifehacker.


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