Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'm a headline for the "Angelina Jolie News"?

My "Googling Angelina Jolie Naked" entry has been picked up by a number of Angelina Jolie feeds including the "Angelina Jolie News." And when one such feed picks you up, apparently, they all start doing so. I realize it's all due to crawlers, but that makes it all the more amusing that a post which I wrote to make fun of people looking for naked pictures of Jolie is bring in greater and greater numbers of people looking for naked pictures of her.

As I followed a couple of referring links back to these Jolie sites and was thinking it couldn't get any more weird/creepy/pathetic, I saw a link to my post in an Angelina Jolie site Google ad. Presumably, someone is paying money to send Angelina fans to my blog.

All I want to know is what I need to do to get my cut.


At 4:49 PM, Blogger lisa schamess said...

am having the same experience with two of mine: a Sandy Skoglund photo I featured, and a banal little post I archly titled "Garden Porn" featuring a photo of a priapic lily.


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