Thursday, July 28, 2005

Killer fish

Killer fish
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Every year, Western Michigan University hosts the International Congress on Medieval Studies and one of my friends loves to go down to the lake and feed the fish, ducks, and geese (she's able to have geese eat right from her hand).

The carp in the lake are quite voracious, so much so that I've seen a swarm of them lift ducks up out of the water as they all fight for bread crumbs. At one point we tried feeding the ducks by putting the bread first in the shallows and on the shore, and the fish, as you can see here, would force themselves up out of the water to get the food. That lead us into seeing how far up on shore we could get the fish to go, and then we realized we ought to get it on film. It took a number of tries, but we finally got a good shot, which you see here.

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