Friday, August 05, 2005

From Neil Gaiman's blog

"And my favourite typo of the day is from a news report on Crispin Glover and Beowulf at Moviehole, in which we learn that "Beowulf" from Robert Zemeckis, Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman, is an age-old yarn of a knight who slays a dragon and becomes kind.

"(Actually, if we're going to get into dragonfighting, it's about a king who fights a dragon and becomes dead...) I spoke to Steve Starkey, the producer, today, and he told me the rest of the lead casting, and I am incredibly happy and cannot say a word until everythng's announced and am mostly just disappointed that I'll be touring through the majority of the filming period and, except for a couple of weeks between the US and the UK, won't be around to watch."

While Gaiman may right in his assumption that Moviehole meant to write "king" rather than "kind," I can't help but wonder if the Moviehole writer was remembering the final lines of the poem (3180-82):

cwædon þæt he wære wyruldcyninga
mannum mildust ond monðwærust,
leodum liðost ond lofgeornost.

said that he was of worldly kings
the mildest of men and the most gentle,
kindest to his people and most eager for fame.



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