Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Semi-private bookmarking in

Jon Udell has information on how to create semi-private bookmarks in and how to create such bookmarks for others.
Kudos to Alex Bosworth for figuring out a clever way to save bookmarks semi-privately in It took me a moment to sort out how this works because it depends on a feature I didn't know had: the ability to tag an item for a friend. I could find no documentation on this, but eventually guessed correctly that if I want to tag this page for Stephen O'Grady, I can use the tag for:sogrady. Now it's listed at, but only Stephen can view that page.

Alex's insight was to create a account, private.bookmarks, along with a bookmarklet generator that produces an account-specific bookmarklet. That bookmarklet invokes a script, on his server, that runs as private.bookmarks. When I use it to bookmark this page, it adds the page to for:judell, which means I can see it at but nobody else can. Except for the owner of the private.bookmarks account, which is one reason why I call this a semi-private scheme. The other is that everyone's semi-private bookmarks are pooled at [more]
via Will Richardson of Weblogg-ed, who suggests using this to provide individualized resources for students.

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