Monday, February 13, 2006

Vitanza Quote Found While Marking Time in the Archive

from Vitanza, Victor J. "'Notes' Towards historiographies of Rhetorics; or the Rhetorics of the Histories of Rhetorics: Traditional, Revisionary, and Sub/Versive." Pre/Text: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory 8.1-2 (1987): 63-125.
An 'emerging field' will be short-lived especially...if it continues to think, read, speak, and write propaganda,...if it insists on living An Illusion, ... if it insists on an homological discourse (which is sterile) over an heterolo-/gical one (which fosters 'difference').
Just a little quote to turn to when the "we're an emerging field" and "what is our common ground" threads pop up on WPA-L.


At 7:14 AM, Blogger gvcarter said...

Right, the importance of this mixed discourse V notes weaves through to his essay, "Taking A-Count of a (Future-Anterior) History of Rhetoric" in -Writing Histories of Rhetoric-.

There, he discusses Burke's Babel encounter w/ Hitler's Babylon, and the silencing of many the many conflicting voices or "political blocs" (204).

For me, I read this passage across the title of my dissertation, Rereading and Rewriting Bloc/ks.

---> I am very much interested in getting at this heterolo-/gical discourse, and --to move from V, so as to return to V-- I might commend Randall Collins's -Sociologies of Philosophies- and Jean Francois Lyotard's -The Differend- as places that expand this notion.

Vitanza takes up the latter at considerable length, and I believe that what I am (name) calling "R.and(et)al Callings" in Collins's work will also prove important. I note, for example, that this signature has already gotten some air time on Jeff Rice's board.

... and speaking of air time, obviously the mention of V's work does it for me when it comes to taking out a little space on yer blog bandwidth.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger John said...

You're always welcome to take up air time and bandwidth on the blog. :) I'll take a look at Collins' work.


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