Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New to the Oxford English Dictionary

The online OED start page has either changed, or I've just been too focused on using the dictionary to notice before, but there are both a "Latest new and revised entries" and a "Featured additions" link. It's nice to see that techno-shaman, techno-shamanic, and techno-shamanisim have finally made it into the OED. Other newly added words include: alley-oop, ankle-biter, anti-lock, art house, autopen, boyf, brown dwarf, carbo-load, clip art, co-pay, dipshit, disconnect (this is new?), get-go, ka-ching, light speed, versioning, vidiot, wuss, and wussy.

And I see from Connected Internet News that Podcasting will be making its way into the OED soon.



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