Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ong Bibliographies

Back in February, I posted a complaint about an bibliography of the orality-literacy wars I found on Palimpsest. My complaint wasn't that the bibliography had been posted--I had a vague memory of someone asking if they could use it and, more importantly, it was attributed to me, but rather I was concerned that it was misidentified as an orality-literacy bibliography. I should have mentioned here earlier that the bibliography was properly labeled before I got around to asking that it be changed. This is way too late in coming, but I wanted to acknowledge this, if, for no other reason, I like the idea behind Palimpsest and want to support it.

I've had many requests for an orality-literacy bibliography over the past few years, and I got a number of them a few weeks ago while at C&W, so I'm putting one together. Rather than attempt a definitive orality-literacy bibliography, I'm focusing on Ong's work and it'll list readings which help contextualize and extend Orality and Literacy. It'll have three parts: a long version (about 40 items), a short version (about 16 items), and three suggested retrospectives. I'll pass it on to Palimpsest once it's done.


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